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Trump orders missile attacks on Syrian air base

Category : world editorial

US President Donald Trump ordered for missile attacks on Syria's air base which he believes that President Assad gave orders for the chemical weapons usage presumably on the rebels but resulted in many children as well as grown ups succumbing to the chemical sarin. The toxic gas acts fast on the nerves and causes nausea and breathlessness. The reaction of the children after inhaling the toxin is horrific. The war in Syria going on for the past six years between supporters of the Assad government and rebels consisting of fringe groups with support from al qaeda saw millions of Syrians leaving the country and living as refugees in the neighboring countries. Many of them are living as refugees in European countries also. The irony is Trump in 2013 when the Obama administration has decided to attack Syrian base as Assad unleashed chemical weapons which killed nearly 1400 people then was critical and heckled the Obama administration. As the two super powers are divided over their support to the government and the rebels that are fighting against the government has reached to an agreement that the Syrian government will not use the chemical weapons again and will destroy the existing weapons immediately. A project was undertaken to destroy the weapons in 2013 and the people working on the project received the Nobel Peace Prize as well. Well that was history. Again on April 4 chemical weapons were used and many innocent civilians and children especially lost their life. Trump who criticised the Obama administration in the past ordered for missile launches. Even the opposition criticised Trump should have taken the congressional nod for the attacks. Russia criticised the US for its attacks and defended the Syrian government that the cause for the chemical weapon leakage was due to bombing on the stockpile of the rebels who have secretly stocked the weapons. Trump claimed that the government unleashed the attack. Russia criticized the US for similar reaction against Iraq in 2003 and are following the same policy against Syria now. Assad for his part said how can he use chemical weapons on his countrymen. There was no trace of truce for the going ons and people in Syria are living a wretched life with children seeing no future as war is going on for so many years and no sign of end for the war.    

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