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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Treat all human beings alike

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In a small hamlet people lived in harmony and the rich as well as the poor used to help people in distress and in need. A Sadhu entered the hamlet and every day he used to sing bhajans in front of peoples houses or before shops and used to accept whatever they are offering to consume. He never complained about the food they are offering. A rich businessman is running a gold shop. He was very proud and always used to consider himself as a very important person and expected attention from all the villagers. Whenever the Sadhu while singing bhajans and accepting the food offered by village simpletons and small business people pass that way the rich businessman used to think and proud himself that he will treat and offer such a rich food to the Sadhu he will never again take or consume food offered by them. But to his surprise not even once the Sadhu while he was on his rounds stopped before his shop and to his dislike he used to stop before a toddy shop and used to drink the toddy offered by the owner. The rich businessman has decided to stop and make fun of the Sadhu for accepting and drinking toddy. So the next day he addressed the Sadhu and said "Sir why can't you be my guest today and accept my hospitality?" The Sadhu replied "Gladly my son" The rich businessman asked one of his aide to bring the gold that was being heated to make ornaments. The aide brought the melted gold in a small pot. The rich businessman carefully holding the hot pot not to burn his fingers and hand gave it to the Sadhu. The Sadhu without a murmur held the hot pot of gold in his naked hands and in a gulp consumed the hot and melted gold. The rich businessman couldn't believe his eyes. In repentance he bowed before the Sadhu and sought for his forgiveness. The Sadhu forgave him and advised him to treat all human beings alike and help and support the needy. 

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