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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Thoughts not deeds make one perfect

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Two hermits, one old and the other young were returning to their ashram after attending a discourse. They were discussing about various facets of life. It rained heavily and the path is muddy and slippery. They saw a beautiful girl waiting at a swirling water that is passing across the road. She bowed to the hermits and requested them to carry her across the swirling water. Her apprehension is that her dress may get muddier as she was on her way to the princess' court. The young one with a sworn look ignored her request and went ahead. The old one with composed look lifted and carried the girl and dropped her safely. The girl with folded hands thanked them and went her way. The young hermit is grumbling through out their journey. They reached their destination. The young hermit is impatient and want to convey his feelings to his senior. The opportunity came while they were relaxing in the evening. He said he didn't appreciate his senior lifting and carrying the girl in his arms. The senior with a smile said that he has forgotten about the incident after placing the girl to the ground and the junior is still carrying her in his thoughts even then

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