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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

The defiant woman

Category : editorial kids

Rangayya and Mangamma are a couple who always indulge in quarrel even on small matters. All their neighbours used to advice and counsel them how to remain a good husband and wife. But every attempt of the neighbours failed and both Rangayya and Mangamma are their usual self. One day Rangayya shaved his beard and asked his wife how was the shave. Mangamma said he had a trim cut and not had a shave. Rangayya became furious and locked Mangamma inside a room. He asked Mangamma the same question next morning and she gave him the same answer. For a couple of days he didn't even offered her food but she remained vehement about her opinion.Mangamma without food became weak, fragile and almost dead.Rangayya took her to a nearby lake and threatened her drowning there and asked her to change her mind. Mangamma didn't budge and Rangayya carried and shoved her inside the water. Leaving her there Rangayya reached the bank. He wanted to have a last glance and looked at where he shoved Mangamma. To his dismay the hand of Mangamma was raised with two of her fingers crossed like scissors. He swam fast to see if Mangamma was alive. Mangamma was holding a tree branch with one hand while the other was showing fingers crossed like scissors. Rangayya carried her back and luckily she was still alive. After belching out all the water Rangayya carried his wife home. From that day onward he never quarreled or instigated his wife. Neighbours felt surprised but were happy to see them together forever. !B���&

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