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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Take care of my Eyes

Category : editorial kids

Serena was a beautiful girl. Everyone who used to look at her say that she was an angel descended to earth. Serena was born blind. She used to sit near a picturesque locale and used to enjoy the chirping of birds, the gushing sounds of waterfalls, the gentle breezing of air and sweet smells emanating from colorful flower plants. Every passerby was astonished at her beauty and used to sympathize with her for not able see the world. Robin was a handsome young man. He instantly has taken a liking for Serena. Everyday he used to sit with her and vividly describe about the beautiful things around. Soon they fell in love and Serena used to say that her last wish was to see him with her eyes and enjoy watching other things around her. Robin has arranged eyes for Serena. The eyes were transplanted to Serena and now she could see everything around her. She was shocked to know that Robin was also blind like her. Robin used to visit the spot but couldn't find Serena regularly there. When asked why she was not coming to the spot regularly, Serena replied that she lost interest in the routine things and wished Robin also should have eyes so that they can marry and live together. Robin without replying to her gave a note and left the place.

Conclusion : People know the value of life when they are blind and go blind when a new lease of life was gifted to them.