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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Stupidity pays sometimes

Category : editorial

King Jayaketana was ruling Sravalya. With able administrators like Sukeerti the people in the province are living happily under Jayaketana's rule. Jayaketana and Sukurti used to disguise as commoners and mingle with commoners to know the problems of the poor and used to improve facilities for them. One day while in disguise they noticed people in long queue seeking the blessings of a man who was sitting on the branch of a tree and blessing them by touching his foot on their forehead. Jayaketana and Sukeerti were taken aback. Upon investigation it came to their knowledge that the man on the tree was mentally deranged and removed him to rehabilitation one night when nobody was near him. Jayaketana asked Sukeerti how can people so blindly get attracted to such stupidity. Sukeerti said it will be better to benefit by their stupidity and hatched a plan. He instructed one of his trusted followers Suchetana to disguise as a commoner and worship a donkey in public place where mass congregate by taking three rounds around it and pluck a hair and keep it in between the ear.

Suchetana immediately implemented Sukeert's plan. Soon people gathered around and queried Suchetana what he was doing. He said the donkey was from Madhura and even Vasudeva touched its feet. People immediately formed a big queue. But before they started worshiping the donkey Suchetana told them they have to plant a tree and see it grow and sustain then only their wishes will be fulfilled. People started taking blessings as well as planting trees. Soon the entire province was planted with trees. Jayaketana asked Sukeerti with the kind of mass worship and plucking of hair from the donkey it would have become hairless by now. Sukeerti said that he has expected this and regularly changing the donkey with a new one whenever required. Sravalya remained a green province with no calamities forever.