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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Sincerity and not intelligence pays sometimes

Category : editorial kids

A certain Jamindar has the habit of putting difficult questions and select his personnel. A deaf man by name Ramana seeked employment and the Jamindar put him to test by posing three questions. His first question to Ramana was What was it that can be earned even if lost once. Money, replied Ramana What was it that once lost cannot be recovered again asked the Jamindar. It was the day and night, replied Ramana. For how long a person should remember a person who helped him in distress, posed the Jamindar as his third question. Lifelong, answered Ramana. The Jamindar felt happy for all the answers and appointed Ramana in his court. But in due course he found the truth about Ramana's inability. One day he called Ramana and wrote on a piece of paper how he was able to answer all his questions properly when he couldn't hear properly what he was asked. Ramana then replied him by writing that he understood the first question as what for he was working for which he replied money. And the second question he understood as his mental status, for which he replied day and night, as it makes no difference to him. For the third question Ramana understood as whether he would like to take the job temporarily or for lifelong for which he gave the second option. The Jamindar felt happy about Ramana's sincerity and feeling sorry about his disability assigned him with the job of looking after his garden.

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