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Nobody is born with caste attached to him/her. It's a disease that happens later on. Every society imposes certain norms, rules, regulations. Every society gives you a shape, a form, a face, a facade, and these are the structures that are imposed on us later on, after the birth, just to enslave our psyche - Osho.

When the caste system was devised, it happened so as per the work they were supposed to perform to the fulfillment of the societal needs of that genre. Likewise it was classified as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vysya, Sudra and Asprushya. From the time immemorial we were trained to follow suit.

The society never allowed us to think differently. The awareness that is needed to understand the dynamics of the age old caste system is not encouraged and we are so unaware that we become one with the structure, identified with it. We start thinking that we are it. And that is where the disease becomes a permanent phenomenon and it becomes chronic. There is no escape from it.

When times are changing, we need to modify our thinking pattern also. When Brahmins were limited to perform godly duties, Kshatriyas were the rulers, Vysya's perform the duties of a merchant, Sudras were limited to menial jobs and Asprushyas were untouchables, it worked.

In the modern context, where every one is doing every other job, let's have a relook at the caste system with the new perspective, not on the basis of one's birth, but on the basis of the quality of the person:


Operates from 'Muladhara' chakra, these people depend on others for their survival, make false promises for their gain. They are parasites. They go to any extent to fulfil their ambition. They may be in great positions and power, but the nature is of lowest quality and identifiable easily, as Asprusyas of present genre.

Eg: Politicians who make promises to gain power and conveniently forget afterwards. The businessman who hoards essential commodities depriving the needy, for his future profits.


They work for themselves. No matter what. They are not bothered about others and their problems. Determined to meet their goals, irrespective of the means. Even at the cost of others, they don't mind reaping the benefits.

self-centred people. Operates from Svadhisthana chakra.


Works for mutual benefit. He involves himself in any activity, if it is mutually beneficial and profitable for both the parties. He cares for his own good as well as the other person's also. The main aim of these people are to create benefit for both and society as well. His chakra is Manipura.


Kshatriyas are the persons who provide livelihood to others and take care of them, in their need. Movers, performers who make others work and provide comfort to the people associated with them.

These are the people who operate from their Heart chakra - Anahatha. Society depends on them and their commitment to better the society and the lives of the people.


Operates from Throat - Vishudha chakra, he always gives credit to God for his actions. Most of the time, he devotes his time in the service and prayer of God. He believes service to human is service to God and acts on it.

The other two Chakras - Ajna and Sahasrara are of special category and very rare to find in the midst of humans, and they are called Sidha, who are far from human reach, both physically and spiritually.

Now we know, what kind of category of people our surroundings are filled with. That is the real caste of theirs, and judge for yourself to associate with them or disassociate. It all depends upon your character and upbringing.

Do not get carried away by the caste he is borne in or attributed to him by the societal norms. The character of the person is more important when one wants to deal with him and hope this world is filled with more of Vysya and Kshatriyas rather than Sudra and Asprusyas.

Judge by the experience you had with them. And try to change the way the society trained you to do.

--Vasireddy Sivaram prasad