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Last wishes of Alexander the Great

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After conquering and on way home Alexander the Great fell ill and was on the verge of  meeting his death

He called his generals and asked them to fulfil his three wishes

"My first wish. My coffin should be carried by the physicians only.'

'My second wish all the jewels and precious stones from my treasury be paved along the way to my graveyard'

'My third wish both my empty hands should dangle out of the coffin'

To answer the puzzled look of his generals Alexander said "I want to tell to the world the three lessons I learnt today"

"Through my first wish I want to prove to the world that no doctor can cure any person from death and they are powerless 

and cannot save anyone from the clutches of death "

"My second wish is to tell to the world all my life I ran after wealth and devoted my entire time collecting riches but not taking anything with me now and want to 

tell the world it is waste of time running and chasing after riches' 

"And through my third wish I want people to know that I came into the world empty handed and leaving empty handed".

Alexander's last words were "When you bury my body..don't build any monument and keep my hands outside so that the whole world knows that a person who 

won the whole world has nothing in his hands while dying"