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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Is H1b visa really misused

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Continuing the demand for H1b visa for the fifth year in a row the cap of 85,000 the maximum, was reached, according to a US Citizenship and Immigration Services press release. The exact amount of petitions received for process and other details of what will be the methodology for processing the procedure was not clear. Whether the past method of lottery system to pick the applicants or by any other system is right now not clear. There was a hullabaloo by American interest groups that the H1b visa process was misutilised by Indian IT firms by shoring lowly paid technicians and depriving the opportunity to Americans there. TCS, Wipro, Infosys paid a mein salary of $69,000 to the employees they are bringing in while US companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon's mein salary stands at $109,000. USCIS wants instead of the candidates with computer knowledge those pursuing PhD should be encouraged to obtain the H1b visas. While in any system there is a scope to misutilise or abuse the system. But candidates who land in USA from India especially work hard and really not paid their due. Nothing was done to protect their fair share of earning more for what they are contributing. In one way they were rather exploited by all IT majors whether they are Indian or American. Even in India the US based companies are recruiting employing by paying them paltry amounts. Correction wherever necessary is good for the system as well as the workforce.The over ambitious nature of the Trump administration saw a decline of nearly 25% student admissions from Asian countries and namely from India . Last year nearly 6,85,000 students got admitted to various US universities and majority of them from India and China.Some universities are sustaining because of the Indian students.There were memos released along with the opening of H1b visas for 2018. First priority visas were suspended for six months. Now candidates with PhD and a questionnaire about their background of what course they have pursued and whether the job they are seeking fits in the requisite qualifications and randomly deciding to check about the working nature and conditions of the employees after landing in US. Already the USCIS wherever they doubt while processing the application for the selected candidates gets the necessary details before formally approving the process. The time taken for all this is a rigorous 6 months. In any which way you look at it is the American companies, the govt and people are benefited with the kind of money paid through taxes and the money spent by the community there and not vice versa. Whatever decision taken by the USCIS always the beneficiary will be the country and not otherwise. India is growing at a giant speed and opportunities are aplenty for the techies even here. If the doors are closed for the IT aspirants in US it will be boom time for them in other countries and even in their homeland without any tensions they can pursue and build a career for themselves and take forward the nation.

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