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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Irresponsible politicos on the rise

Category : editorial

The happening in Parliament members belonging to a party, an ally of the government on another ally just because he happens to be the minister holding the potfolio and the member who created a ruckus on flying in AI flight causing apprehension to not only fellow passengers but also to staff of AI. Any ugly incident can be sorted by mutually participating in discussions and come to a logical conclusion and avoid such thing to happen again. The MP who involved in the incident when accosted by the media publicly boasted that he slapped more than 25 times with his sandal a senior AI official and said he will do it again if the staff behaves with him in the same manner. It was the AI that took the decision of barring the MP from boarding or travelling by other airlines. The minister has nothing to do with the incident and he promptly replied in LS that safety of all the passengers is very important to him and even the MP is another fellow passengerr. Not only this incident even an MP, MLA and MLC hurled abuses on transport commissioner in AP and only with the CM intervening in the matter and ordering the three members to personally meet the commissioner and offer their apologies some unsavory incident was avoided and settled amicably. Politicians of every ilk and rank should behave properly when they are in public. As media is noting even minute incidents they cannot avoid the misdeeds from public eye. It is the prime responsibility of the rulers who frame rules to follow them without any exception. The unruly behavior in the house as well as in political debates shows their narrow-mindedness and their arrogance. Every political party should frame certain rules for their partymen and punish those who violates them. Causing inconvenience to public by making them wait for hours in busy and heavy traffic and other public places are some of the daily incidents that are faced by the ordinary and law abiding citizens. Any country will prosper and become stronger only with able leaders and India needs such honest and sincere leaders to lead the country from the front.

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