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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Inseparable mates

Category : editorial

An old couple Rangayya and Seshamma with their daughter Kalpavalli are living happily. Rangayya and Seshamma used to work hard and whoever visits or passes by their house are offered refreshments. Although they are poor they are not hesitant to share with others whatever the little they had, One day Seshamma found three old men sitting in front of her house. She invited them to come in, take rest and share their food. The three old men said once the owner of the house return with his permission they will enter the house. Rangayya just before entering the house found the three old men and invited them in, The three old men said that they are Wealth, Success & Love and only one of them will enter the house and advised him to consult his family members which one to be invited in Rangayya consulted his wife and decided to welcome Wealth as there was no substitute to it. Kalpavalli advised her parents that wherever Love is present there was no need for anything else Rangayya and Seshamma welcomed Love. Love entered their house. Within no time both Wealth and Success joined them. They said wherever Love is there Wealth and Success join hands and are inseparable.

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