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Questions? reply in 15 minutes!

Harmony is better than rift

Category : editorial

Kamala and Vimala are neighbours and friends for years. On a trivial issue both differed and enmity started between them. Every day they used to quarrel and people living close by used to enjoy this as pastime. The husbands of Kamala and Vimala were embarrassed by their better-halves behaviour but could do nothing about it. Kamala had a pet dog and Vimala had a cat. Even the pets used to ferociously fight with one another. The husbands of Kamala and Vimala together decided to bring peace and unite the friends They started feeding the pets in a common plate after keeping them hungry for a few hours longer Slowly the pets started loving one another and used to play together Kamala and Vimala both observed the change but remained aloof from one another Both the husbands of Kamala and Vimala advised them that when tiny pets can come together why not they give up their ego and start living in good harmony as grown up and responsible elders feeling ashamed at their rude behaviour both Kamala and Vimala lived in harmony forever.

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