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Boost for BJP in byelection results

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BJP bagged five out of the 10 seats where byelections were held in eight states. Congress saved the blues by winning 3 seats. Left party candidate not only lost the election in Kanthi Dakshin but also lost deposit in West Bengal. Surprisingly BJP got 22% votes. State BJP leaders said it was the beginning for them to become more stronger in the state and will be a strong contender for the Trinamool Congress in future. Setting aside the BJP leaders remarks TMC leader Mukul Roy said "Look at the margin with which we won. It doesn't matter to us who is in the second or third position. We are No1 in state and remain always No1. The Left vote share must have gone to the BJP." Former health minister Chandrima won the seat. Despite all out efforts by the BJP in Karnataka, Congress retained 2 seats for which byelections were held. The recent joining of former CM SM Krishna into BJP, the campaign of Amit Shah and valiant effort of Yedyurappa failed to bring any solace to the BJP. They are expecting to return once again to power but this was a huge setback. The Sidharamayya government is facing so many corruption charges and the byelection results are a boost for the morality of the Congress government. The biggest surprise of the byelection is the Rajourie byelection in Delhi. AAP's candidate not only lost the election but also lost the deposit. It's a waken up call for the Kejriwal government to make amends for the loss or otherwise there will be no future for the party again. The party didn't learnt anything from the results of Punjab and it's high time they perform and fulfil the expetations and aspirations of the Delhi voters where AAP won 67 of the 70 seat Delhi assembly. Nepotism is prevalent in the party and ministers have to resign after indulging in immoral and corrupt practices. The rise of AAP is great and tall and unprecedented in Delhi politics but the fall also will be great. So instead of criticising the Centre for the anomalies it is time the AAP stand to its promises to the people and at least do well in the coming days. 

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