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BJYM leader offers a bounty for Didi's head

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BJYM leader Yogesh Varshney offered a bounty of Rs 11 lakh to whoever hands him over the head of West Benga chief minister Mamata Banerjee. Varshney announced this after a rally in Birbhum on the eve of Hanuman Jayanthi turned violent as baton-wielded policemen stopped the procession as no permission was given. Clashes took place between the rallyists and policemen. Varshney after watching the video of the incident said Mamata was a "demon" and offered the bounty. This caused a ruckus in both houses of parliament .BJP minister Mukthar Abbas Naqvi condemned the incident and said it was the opinion of the youth leader and BJP party has nothing to do with his statement and advised action can be initiated against the youth leader by the government of WB. Congress party, Samajwadi party and BSP condemned the statement of the youth leader and demanded for appropriate action against him. Jaya Bachhan said "Is this the way you protect women. You are more concerned about cows rather than the lives of women". Even in Lok Sabha Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said action should be initiated against the youth leader so that in future such utterances can be stopped. Minister Anant Kumar tried to pacify the members. A renowned Muslim cleric offered double the bounty amount on Yogesh's head. He said "I am a staunch supporter of Didi and anyone who try to harmher will be dealt severely." Mamata rubbished the statement of Varshney and said that the more one try to suppress her she will become more stronger and will benefit her party as well to expand to new frontiers. "I have the respect for all religions. I visit Hindu temples, go to mosque and church and the person who wants my head knows not anything about what he is talking. I will leave it to his wisdom to realise what he said." Intellectuals and civic society of the state decried the statement and demanded for proper action on the perpetrator who uttered those words.    

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